What's cooking in QWAN's kitchen - September 2023

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What’s cooking in QWAN’s kitchen - September 2023.

New course modules

Secure By Design

Last week we delivered the first training day inspired by the book Secure by Design, as part of a multi-year learning path we deliver for an agency in the Netherlands.

Cloud native software architecture

October will see the first installment of our cloud native software architecture day. We’ll mostly focus on keeping things focused on the outcomes you want to achieve, loosely coupled, while benefitting from what a particular cloud has to offer.

Conference workshops on Stigmergy

We’ve got workshops accepted at conferences that we also sponsor. Acceptance is independent of sponsorship - our other session, a talk on Event Storming, did not make it for these conferences, for instance. We participate in and sponsor these conferences, because they are Community of Need conferences that allow our field to evolve, and let us learn with others about what works and what does not, and make useful connections.

What is stigmergy?

Stigmergy is a mechanism of indirect coordination where actors modify their local environment. They leave traces for others to follow. Join us to explore how the traces ants leave applies to our practice of software development. The trace left by an individual action stimulates the performance of a next action by the same or different agent. We believe stigmergy is a useful concept within the context of software development, possibly as a way to reduce cognitive load for teams. Doing this as a workshop allows us all to explore and learn together.

Lean Agile Scotland

Willem and Rob will travel to Edinburgh next week to deliver the first Stigmergy Driven Development workshop. There are still places available, contact us for a 10% discount. This workshop is going to be highly interactive and experiential. It should be good fun!

image announcing our session for 13 september 14:00 to 16:00, whiteboard with smiley post-it in background.

Agile Cambridge

Agile Cambridge will follow the trail of Stigmergy. On 29 September, Willem and Marc will deliver a slightly shorter (90 mins instead of 120), but no less interactive workshop - contact us for a 10% discount.

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