Consultancy and Mentoring

We do not believe in Seagull Consulting. We deliver pragmatic, hands on consulting services.

How we work

Invite us for a conversation to discuss your situation and what would be an approach that fits your context.

Alternatively, you can hire us to do a short project or process audit (1 day), where we investigate a project or process based on a question you have, through interviews, observation and inspection of code, documents and other materials. We report our findings back to you. Based on our findings we propose how we can proceed, for example with hands on mentoring, one on one coaching, or additional training.

Our consulting engagements typically last from a few weeks to several months. We practice what we preach: to us agile software development is about continuously adding value and learning how to do better. Therefore we frequently inspect and adapt our approach and the value it adds to your organisation. You have the opportunity to conclude or extend the engagement at any time.

Call us to discuss what we could do for you.

Development Team Fluency

If you having one of the following questions as a development manager, CTO or CIO:

  • Do you have this gut feeling that your teams, although pretty mature, can grow further?
  • Do you have teams that are struggling to find ways to improve?
  • Have you given teams complete freedom to embrace agile and find their way, but it is not working out as expected?
  • Do you have teams that you think can do better, while they think everything is working fine?
  • Do you notice that teams are doing less and less retrospectives, and when asked, they struggle to find subjects to talk about?

…then we can work with you and your teams. We offer a diagnostic tool to gain profound insights in team growth and potential, and find direction for focused improvement. It will help your teams to find specific areas for growth and what they can do themselves to become more fluent at software delivery. We will provide systemic insights in your development organization that will help you to create a context in which your teams can flourish.


We are licensed Agile Fluency® Facilitators which means we can run fluency diagnostic workshops with your teams, to provide both the teams and management with detailed feedback and a concrete path for growth. If you haven't already, it's worthwhile to visit the Agile Fluency Project site and watch the short introduction video.

Team coaching & mentoring

We help teams getting started with agile or taking their next step. We find that usually getting started does not take that much effort. It all depends on the willingness and enthusiasm of the teams.

We can coach management in their agile thinking, teams in concrete agile practices and we can pair-program with your developers to teach them Test Driven Development or help them solve their TDD issues like working with legacy code.

Architecture audits

We are hands-on software practitioners with tens of years of experience in analysis design and implementation of software in environments ranging from J2EE, through Smalltalk and Haskell to embedded software and Single Page Applications. Our experience enables us to carry out audits on architecture and code quality.

Process audit and reviews

Would you like to gain insight in your way of working? Would you like to do a health check of your development process? Are you looking for the next step of agile development but you are not sure which direction to go?

In a limited amount of time (a few days), we can give you insight in and feedback about your development process, and recommendations for the next steps to take. We do this by interviewing and observing your teams, e.g. stand up meetings, retrospectives, planning meetings.