User Story Mapping & Dimensional Planning

Managing your product backlog as an ordered list of user stories is a challenge. The customer wants it all, but this takes too long!

User Story Mapping and Dimensional Planning are two pragmatic techniques for management your product development and for planning releases, to find the greatest value for the least effort.

With these techniques, you will have more grip on your development efforts. You are better able to know how far you are, enabling you to steer early towards delivering more value sooner.


Learn User Story Mapping and Dimensional Planning as agile planning and steering techniques


We start out with a bit of theory and then quickly get to hands-on group exercises. We will apply user story mapping by applying it on a case we bring in. After the user story mapping exercise, we will do a hands on exercise with dimensional planning, finding valuable releases based on the story maps the groups created earlier.

There is sufficient room for reflection, discussion and questions.

Audience & Prerequisites

This workshop is for developers, product owners, scrum masters, agile coaches, testers

Some experience working in an agile team is required.

Practical information

  • Duration: 1 day
  • No laptops required
  • This training is available in-house only.